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Major 3 Reasons Behind Jammed Door Latches

Major 3 Reasons Behind Jammed Door Latches

Often you face problems with your jammed door latches. Actually, before trying to use your techniques to open this, you must know what is the reason behind it. Moreover, if you come to know the exact cause behind the jammed door latches, you can determine whether you can handle it or you have to get the assistance of a professional locksmith. In most cases, one is always suggested to hire the professionals instead of doing this your own. So, below are the main three reasons could face you jammed door latches.

  • Strike Plate Misalignment
    The latch may not be getting into the hole of the strike place, reason may be friction. It could also happen due to the air moisture level that is expanding your wooden door. Temporarily, this problem can be settled down by turning the strike plate in the right direction.
  • Latch Jamming
    The problem cause builds up of crud in the lock. Rust could also be the reason of excess friction that gets into the way of moving parts of your door latches. To fix this issue, you can disable the door lock and clean it. You need to give it lubricants or wax to prevent from rusting or jamming in future.
  • Internal Part Issues
    Some locks delicate machinery gets break. If the door latch is getting stuck when you move the door handle, it feels you like something is wrong with the latch bolt instead of mechanism connected to it. It may be a problem with spindle hold or lock itself. This issue can be settled down only with the help of a professional locksmith.

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