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Three Steps to Keep Your Car Door Lock in Working Condition

Three Steps to Keep Your Car Door Lock in Working Condition

Often we get the problem with our car door locks like jammed or suddenly the key stuck in the car ignition, etc. This could be due to weather change or your less maintenance. Finally, when you face such problems, you have only one solution to repair it as soon as possible. Well, if you want to keep your car door lock in working condition for a long time, you need to use simple steps. These tips are easier and will not take your much time.

Follow These Step For Car Door Lock Maintenance

  • Cleaning Of Locks
    Cleaning of car door locks seem difficult, but it is easier. You need to take any sharp object that is able to go inside the lock like pin, tooth pick or similar kind of. Wrap up the cotton cloth on this object and insert it in the car lock. Move it to all directions. Do this for at least 4-5 times to remove the debris completely. The main reason for cleaning is, when you give lubricants to unclean locks, it becomes less effective.
  • Silicone Lubricant
    Being a car owner, you must know that silicone spray lubricants are the best option for car locks. It does not stick inside the lock. One is advisable to give lubricants to the lock exact after cleaning. It should completely access the inside of the locks. Often due to dry weather, the locks get jammed which can be solved with lubricants.
  • Anti-Rust Spray
    After providing lubricants, give it the anti-rust spray in the same way of lubrication. On the other side, it is suggested that whenever your car deals with water like rainfall, snowfall, or during washing, you must give it anti-rust spray.

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